Hello, Sabrina here

I’m a UX designer with an engineering background, passionate about empathizing with and advocating for the user while bridging the gap between design and code. I'm a visual learner who thrives in a collaborative environment, and excels at communicating ideas. I'm seeking UX/Product design roles where I can continue growing as a designer, while leveraging the knowledge I’ve built as an engineer.

I'm currently living in Seattle, WA. I'm originally from the Bay Area (Danville, CA) and also lived in Los Angeles while studying at UCLA - so you could say I'm a West Coast girl at heart. (she/her)

Sabrina's professional headshot
A 6-second animation of Sabrina's career journey. A paper airplane moves between 3 purple areas that light up as it visits them, labeled "Danville, CA", "Los Angeles, CA", and "Seattle, WA". There are various symbols in each area that represent her career stages.

About my career journey

I got my Bachelor's in Computer Science at UCLA and started working as a software engineer at Nordstrom. While I was there, I developed my skills as an engineer, and also became more curious about user experience design.

I completed the fast-track bootcamp for UX Design with General Assembly and have been continuing to learn and practice my skills - both design and code - ever since.

Getting into design

User experience has stuck in my mind ever since I was an engineering intern at Nordstrom. As an intern and an engineer, I often worked with UX designers to ensure features were built to spec and mitigate technical obstacles that conflicted with designs. Though I was a full-stack engineer, I realized I was more drawn to front-end work as I felt I was a very visual person.

Whenever I worked with designers, I grew more interested in their workflow and the way they advocated for the customer. I realized that part of the reason I was drawn to front-end work was that I was better motivated if I understood the impact my task has on the end user, and that UX design might be a match for me.

A logo of a purple turtle with the initials "SMC" inside the shell.
An early logo iteration
Sabrina is wearing a pink dress and looking to the side, standing barefoot on a rock with snowy mountains in the background.
Sabrina is kneeling next to a large white Great Pyrenees dog and smiling, wearing a teal outfit. They are surrounded by rows of rose bushes.
Sabrina is standing on the peak of a mountain, smiling at the camera and slightly turned to the side, wearing a grey shirt, navy blue jacket, and a purple and white backpack. There is a distant view of trees and water behind her.


What kinds of roles are you open to?
Full-time or contract UX or Product Design, also open to design and engineering related roles (Digital Technologist, UX Engineer, etc.). Particularly looking for a role where I can exercise design skills.

Where are you looking to work?
Seattle area or remote; I’m looking to stay in Seattle for the forseeable future.

How long have you been coding for?
Since 2013, so I don't have to redo the math and update this every year :)

What are your pronouns?

Do you miss the sun?
All. The. Time. I love Seattle, but it really gave me an appreciation for California sun.

How do you pronounce your name?
Sabrina \ suh·BREE·nuh \
Chiang \ chee·ONG \ or \ CHANG \

Okay, but who are you outside of work?
An amateur model, contemporary dancer, and pet parent who loves playing Animal Crossing and Tetris!

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